If you suspect elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation, call:


If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911 or contact your local law enforcement agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I obtain the articles and other references identified through the CANE database from CANE? Can I download/print articles from the CANE website?

A. No. CANE does not provide document delivery service, and articles cannot be downloaded from the CANE website.

Q. Where can I obtain the reference materials listed in the CANE database?

A. An increasing number of references are freely accessible over the internet. We make every attempt to include current links to these publications, reports, online training materials, etc. Some references, such as books, manuals, or videos, must be obtained directly from the publisher or producer. Whenever possible, contact and pricing information is included within the abstracts. If you are affiliated with a college or university, you may be able to obtain the reference through the institution's library or interlibrary loan service. Some professional organizations, such as state medical associations, may also provide access to peer-reviewed publications. State library systems provide an array of services to residents, and are a starting point when attempting to obtain literature. (Click here for a listing of state websites.) Finally, most peer-reviewed journals can be accessed online to order electronic copies of individual articles for a fee.

Q. Can I use the CANE database to search for specific types or categories of materials, such as books, or online materials?

A. Yes. You can do this by combining category and media keywords with content area keywords. For example, if you are searching for training materials for bankers, enter "training" (category keyword) and "bank" (content area keyword). To narrow this example even further to identify only online training for bankers, search within the results by adding "online" as an additional keyword.

Category Keywords:

  • Public Awareness
  • Training
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Hearing
  • Report

Media Keywords:

  • Book
  • Online
  • Brochure
  • Video
  • PowerPoint
  • CD-ROM
  • Webcast

Q. Where can I go for help searching the CANE database?

A: For immediate help click here. If you need further assistance, click here to email your question.

Q. Can I report suspected elder abuse to CANE?

A: No. CANE is neither a reporting nor investigating agency. If you need to report suspected abuse or neglect and do not have the number of your local reporting agency, please contact the Eldercare Locator at: 1-800-677-1116 for state reporting numbers (weekdays), or contact your local law enforcement agency.